Holmes Road Church of Christ

The youth at Holmes Road are a group of young believers who enjoy spending time together, bound together by Christ's love, love learning about God's will for their lives, and spend time serving others and reaching out to the lost.

The Holmes Road youth group has bonded through participating in fun trips to Cedar Point, lock-ins, summer camp and youth rallies. The group has participated in Bible studies and classes, and the young men have assisted in leading worship service.   

During the summer, leadership days with the teens will be held with the goal to teach them to lead in various aspects of leadership within the church. For the young men, this will involve leading the congregation in various aspects of worship and for the young ladies, leading classes for the children and other women. 

Volunteer Services:

 City Rescue Mission in Lansing:  The youth group works with the City Rescue Mission to help the needy within the Lansing area.  The program provides at least one service project per quarter.

Southside Community Kitchen:  The youth group assists by serving food to the needy, room set up, and clean up at the Southside Kitchen in Lansing, Michigan.

Congregational Assistance:  The youth group assists with work needed at the church with building maintenance.  They also work with our senior members with whatever assistance is needed.